This is the third book in the August Reverie Series: EXPRESSIONS by Chinthaka Herath. In this book you will find 24 expressive female faces in different poses & moods, spanning a full spectrum from happiness to anger, sadness to hope and from calm to excited!


The pages feature beautiful women crafted out in different scenes together with different kinds of animals, with the majority of them framed together in floral adornments.


This fantasy art adult coloring book can be enjoyed by every coloring enthusiast from the beginner level to the expert, advance level colorist.


Open up this book to color away your stress and enter a world of mythical fantasy… includes an array of beautiful flowers & different animals alongside twenty four beauties!


The pages are filled with a multitude of birds, reptiles and others including Hummingbirds, Butterfly, Spiders, fantasy Pigeons, Snakes & Serpents , Deer, Frog, Dragon head themed head gear, Crow or Ravens, Squirrel or Chipmunks & color changing Chameleons!


Additionally you will find a selection of lovely flowers, including Arnica, Goldilocks Buttercup, Petunias, a variety of Daisy, Aster, Cherry Blossoms, Azalea, Poppy, Dahlia, Water Lily, Black Eyed Susan, Cosmos, Roses, Wild Flowers, Hibiscus, Chicory, Gazania Rigens & Ginger Flower.


All the illustrations are hand drawn by the artist with light shading to facilitate shadowing and highlighting to create depth ensuring a more breathtaking effect. 

August Reverie 3: Expressions (Volume 3) - E-Book / PDF format

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