August Reverie 5: Adult Coloring Book featuring Fantasy Art. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations drawn intricately for your coloring pleasure, featuring beautiful women and animals set in dreamy scenes and in royal character.

This book is a compilation of 24 adult coloring pages that were previously available only to Members of Chinthaka Herath's Patreon.

Open this book up and start coloring for a soothing, calming, stress free experience that will bring joy to your day. Includes 24 gorgeous art illustrations that are bound to keep you engaged for days on end.

The book features drawings with fine details of beautiful women and enthralling wild animals all worked in with a wide array of floral designs. All the illustrations are hand drawn by the artist with line art shading to facilitate shadowing and highlighting to create depth ensuring a more breathtaking effect.


  • Featuring 24 hand drawn fantasy art illustrations
  • All pages featuring beautiful, exotic women
  • Additionally you will find a wide array of creatures and insects like Butterfly, Dolphin, Hummingbird, Dragon, Fantasy Birds, Bald Eagle, Squirrel, Lion Cub & Gold Fish throughout this adult coloring book.
  • All pages are adorned with lovely flowers, including Peony, Hibiscus, Aster, Dandelion, Rose, Browallia, Sunflower plus others.
  • Expect to see a lot of Crowns & Jewelry on the ladies as Princesses & Queens, plus some heraldic framing.
  • This adult Coloring book series revolves around a central fantasy theme of a Royalty & Dreams, thus ‘August Reverie’.


  • All ORIGINAL art you will not find anywhere else
  • Detailed illustrated line art ensuring hours of relaxing, coloring fun


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Happy Coloring!

August Reverie 5 - E-Book / PDF format

  • E-book is in PDF file format.  Upon purchase you will receive an e-mail with the download link that would be valid for 30 days.