It’s time to enjoy this uniquely patterned, adorably cute set of animals filled in with botanical designs.


The pages feature 30 animals with patterned designs, with some of them intricate and detailed, while others are a bit more simpler, giving you a choice to select a suitable page to color at any time.  There are full face drawings as well as ones that feature full bodies, with a fair share of land, marine and avian animals for your selection!


This anti stress adult coloring book can be enjoyed by every coloring enthusiast from the beginner level to the expert, advanced colorist.  How you color is up to you, what you will experience is calmness to your mind when you feel your worries slip away as you fill in the pages with color.


Open up this book to color away your stress and enter a world of animals that have been created with a leafy, flowery theme running through them…


Animals included are Tiger, Chameleon, Gorilla, Goldfish, Cow, Dolphin, Bear, Hummingbird, Cheetah, Eagle, Eland, Duck, Cat, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Koala, Deer, Squirrel, Lion, Rhinoceros, Mouflon, Parrot, Monkey, Rabbit, Dog, Sloth, Owl, Frog, Horse and Wolf.


All the illustrations are hand drawn by the artist.

Botanical Animals: Stress Relieving Designs - E-Book / PDF format

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