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Maribel Sanchez

Coloring since 2017, from Andalucia, Spain

Hello There!

I started coloring three and a half years ago with a children’s coloring book while I tried to keep my daughters busy. Doing a search for coloring pages for them, I found adult coloring books and Amy Brown’s fairies. I loved them! Soon after that, I discovered adult coloring groups in Facebook. This was the beginning! I spent a whole summer watching video tutorials at night and learning to use different media. I also bought a guide for colorists by Helen Elliston, which was the key to learn the basics and not-so-basic things about coloring.

My favourite pages for coloring are portraits, landscapes, and women warriors. I don’t like coloring flowers much…At the beginning I struggled a lot with backgrounds, now I like to add them because I love to create complete scenes in my pages, to tell a story.

My Favorite Coloring Products

I can’t do without my watercolors, I’m in love with this media. My favourite so far are Titan fine watercolors, a Spanish Brand. I also use Winsor & Newton, very recommendable too.

Regarding pencils, I love Prismacolor, like most of us, but I will recommend Arteza Pencils if your budget is limited. They are very similar to Prismacolor pencils, highly pigmented, creamy, easy to blend, and have long lasting bright colours. They may seem pencils for beginners, but they are not! I use them all the time.


Another brand of pencils that I would recommend and are my favourite for coloring skin, is Giotto Stilnovo Skin Colours. These pencils are amazing! I love them because I can get very realistic skin tones. They are soft, easy to blend, resistant and very very inexpensive!


As I like realistic portraits, it is a must to have a White Posca Marker to hide lines. The advantage of Posca is that you can colour on it, unlike gel pens.

Tips for Better Coloring

Don’t try to imitate other colorists, each of us has his/her own style. Try to find yours by practising. Get inspiration from others, but do not copy them. Be creative in your own way, mind what you do. Value your effort and challenge yourself every page you colour!

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Morena Vajak

Coloring since 2015, from Osijek, Croatia

Hello There!

In June 2015 I discovered Johanna Basford and her Secret Garden. After colouring one of the pages I couldn’t stop and knew I have found a new hobby! And here I am five years later still crazy about colouring.


I have hundreds of colouring books and hundreds of downloads from Etsy and artists’ web sites. My horizons have definitely expanded during these five years and my favourite topic nowadays are mostly portraits, fantasy, realistic flowers and much more. What I don’t colour are mandalas and patterns. I enjoy a story, emotion, imagination.

My Favorite Coloring Products

Prismacolor Premier Softcore Pencils are smooth, buttery, they layer and blend perfectly. Their range of colours is amazing and they contain some unique shades that can’t be found in any other pencil sets.


Holbein Artists Watercolours in tubes have a wonderful range of colours, rich pigment and are lightfast. You can mix them well and achieve both translucency and opaque effects. The tubes last forever due to the rich pigment.


Posca Pens have a lovely colour selection but their black and white ones are especially useful for me if I want to achieve interesting effects.


Fabriano Studio Watercolor Hot Press is my favourite white paper when I print and colour a colouring page. I can use any medium I want on it – watercolour, pencils, markers, or just simply work with mixed media. It’s textured enough for watercolours but smooth enough for pencils.

Tips for Better Coloring

I always observe reality, look at photographs. I try to be realistic and believable in my colouring. The contrasts of light and shadow are very important if you want realistic effects.


Just don’t be afraid, go for it. Make mistakes, learn from them, try again. Most mistakes can be corrected and what I call the “ugly” phase is part of the process! I always have an ugly phase in my pictures. Accept it, embrace it, move on! And practice a lot. There is no right or wrong, we colourists can use artistic license, too!

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Elin Martinsen

Coloring since 2016, from Oslo, Norway

Hello There!

I have always liked to be creative and have done many different things over the years. Late in 2016 I started coloring after my Mother started and I loved it right away, and quite quickly I had many coloring books and lots of art supplies.


I love coloring portraits because it’s so challenging and for every single portrait I color, I learn something new. It is so fascinating how to change an expression during the process and I love to add a background on to the pages.


My favorite themes are fantasy, the gothic style, adventure and other themes that speaks to me.

My Favorite Coloring Products

I like mixing different mediums. I prefer color pencils, watercolors and pan pastels. Sometimes I mix in markers like Promarkers. My favorite pencils are Prismacolor, Caran d’ache luminance and Faber Castell polychromos. Together, these fit perfectly


My favorite watercolors are Winsor and Newton professional watercolor tubes and for pastels I prefer pan pastels. I also use a lot’s of Posca and Sakura gel pens for effects. My number 1 paper is the Strathmore toned tan/grey 400 series, 118 g/m.


Prismacolor, luminance and the polychromos fit so well together and are perfect for each individual task.


Prismacolor Premier Softcore Pencils is soft and blends so easily and they are a dream to work with on almost all different kinds of paper.


Caran D'Ache Luminance is also soft, but a little bit dryer and is perfect for coloring skin. They both have a good selection of colors and are easy to work with. For hair, fur and smaller details,


I prefer to use Faber Castell Polychromos for more definition.


Promarkers are alcohol based markers that are very good to work with. They have good color selection and blends very well.


Posca and Sakura gel pens are great to erase and hide hard black lines, and for making dots and cool effects. They both have a fantastic color selection.


I love using watercolors for backgrounds and I find it so satisfying to create abstract backgrounds filled with life. I have tried many brands, and Winsor and Newton are the brand I like best. They are vibrant and easy to work with.

The PanPastel are lovely, soft and easy to work with. Sometimes I use them as a base for skin, and for backgrounds. They can also be used over watercolors for some cool effects.


Strathmore Toned Paper is my first choice when it comes to paper. I absolutely adore it! It is a dream to work with. It has good tooth but not too much and not too little. It fits well with pan pastels and watercolors as well. The paper curls a bit when using watercolors, but if you stretch the paper before you start and put pressure on it later there is no problem. For me it’s perfect.

Tips for Better Coloring

Enjoy what you are doing, have fun and explore. Don't compare yourself to others and find your own unique style.  Remember that art should not be perfect, it should be part of what you want to express

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